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What is Cellular Sound Tuning System?

You have good days in your life, but you also have bad days too. When you feel sad, you want something that can give you happiness. Maybe you’ll travel to the outskirts of town for a healing retreat. But what if I told you that you can feel the healing effects of travelling just by

listening to four 20-minute audios?

The Cellular Sound Tuning System will turn your ordinary headphones into a special 4-Day Healing Retreat without having to travel. The audio tracks are infused with healing soundwaves using Biofield Technology. Let the healing soundwaves wash your worries away and feel happier, less anxious, and finally aligned with your true self. It can also help you manifest an abundant future of your dreams!

How Cellular Sound Tuning System work?

The Cellular Sound Tuning program consists of specially engineered frequencies and vibrations that promote internal healing.

The program has been created to help you unlock your true potential using sound waves and vibrations. The medicine of sound, spiritual practices, and healing energy combined with technology makes the program a powerful manifestation solution.

The vibrations that have been used in the program help to re-tune the vibrations or the natural song inside the cells in the body.

The sounds create a harmony that helps to eliminate all the negative feelings and eliminate blockages that cause problems in personal growth and overall growth in life.

The Cellular Sound Tuning program has been designed using a holistic approach to ensure that you feel the same flow of energy throughout the body and not only in specific regions.

The soundwaves used in the program return every inch of your body to its natural vibratory state.

Listening to the tracks provided in this short 4-day program helps you find your inner strengths and bring about a positive change in yourself as well as your life.

Thus, the Cellular Sound Tuning system uses a unique technology and uses four different kinds of frequencies that help you to unlock your true potential while eliminating all the blocks that come your way.

It eliminates all the negative aspects that you experience from within. Thus, the program is an effective 4-day manifestation solution that works well due to the unique technology used to make the audio.

Cellular Sound Tuning System Testimonials

cellular sound tuning system customer reviews
cellular sound tuning system customer reviews

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The Complete Cellular Sound Tuning System

cellular sound tuning system

Day 1 Audio — Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony

This 20-minute audio track is designed to prepare your mind and body to accept the change in sound frequencies. It will remove energy blockages in your body, so your Qi can flow freely through your Chakras, or meridian points. It’s like a “factory reset” for your body, cleansing it from all the impurities you’ve picked up in the course of your life.

cellular sound tuning system

Day 2 Audio — Heart and Mind Coherence Ceremony

This 20-minute audio track is designed to target the very core of your existence—your heart. By listening to this audio, the flow of energy between your heart and mind will begin to flow smoothly. Feel an intense love wash over you, and watch as your negative feelings slowly fade away into nothingness.

cellular sound tuning system

Day 3 Audio — Healing Beyond Body Ceremony

This 20-minute audio track promotes the energy flow—Qi—in your body. Now that your heart and mind are in sync, and your body has been cleansed, it’s time to move that energy along your body. This audio will help you expand your energy pathways in your body.

cellular sound tuning system

Day 4 Audio — Deep Soul Connection Ceremony

This 20-minute audio track is condensed with the healing frequencies of both Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca. You can expect to clear yourself of years of accumulated emotional baggage within minutes!Feel the wave of inner peace wash over your very being, and feel yourself align with the Universe’s song.

In Addition To The Main Program, You’ll Receive A Whopping 3 FREE Bonus Gifts!

cellular sound tuning system bonus 1

Bonus #1: Perfect Deep Sleep Solution (Valued at $97.00)

This 10-minute audio track is designed to
“reset” your mind and body so you can enjoy a deeper, relaxing night of rest. Fall asleep within minutes while listening to this audio track.

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Bonus #2: Peaceful 5-Minute Meditations (Valued at $97.00)

This 5-minute audio track contains Biofield Healing Frequencies that are designed to align your mind and body with the moon and tap into the energy stored within. Feel the effects and benefits of meditation without spending hours in awkward yoga positions!

Bonus #3: The Cellular Sound Tuning Member’s Page (Valued at $97.00)

Gain access to your private Member’s Area where you can listen to all four Cellular Sound Tuning Ceremonies INSTANTLY. You can also choose to download a complementary app on your smartphone, iPad, or other tablets that will turn them into a portable “Cellular Sound Tuning Spa”. Using this app, you can also access the other two bonuses mentioned above—Perfect Deep Sleep Solution and Peaceful 5-Minute Meditations.

Benefits of the Cellular Sound Tuning System

Some of the benefits offered by the Cellular Sound Tuning System are:

  • It helps you to manifest everything in your life, allowing you to get a better connection to the universe

  • It assists in reducing stress and anxiety

  • It makes it easier to manifest money, personal and professional relationships and other vital aspects of your life

  • It helps in enhancing positive feelings

Our Risk Free 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

cellular sound tuning system 365 days money back guarantee

Your purchase of The Cellular Sound Tuning System is firmly backed by a 365-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you feel unsatisfied with your purchase, send an email requesting for a refund. There will be no questions asked, and you’ll get back 100% of your money.

Cellular Sound Tuning System Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Cellular Sound Tuning System different from other “brain entrainment” audio programs?

Unlike mind reprogramming audios, binaural beats, and hypnotic tracks, this audio program is based on a special biofield technology and energy healing technique designed to benefit you.Jane and Jace have worked together to use this brand new proprietary technology to “capture” the healing energy and embed it into an audio file.

Will The Cellular Sound Tuning System still be the same price next week?

There’s no solid guarantee that the price won’t be increased next week, as this special program is the culmination of Jace’s life work.

When can I expect to see the results of The Cellular Sound Tuning System?

Every individual has different circumstances, and everyone responds differently to the Cellular Sound Tuning System. Some may see results the moment they listen to the audio files. Keep listening to the audio tracks for at least 21 days before you evaluate your results.

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cellular sound tuning system

Original Price:- $291

Today Only:- $69.95

cellular sound tuning system payment option

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